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Academic Staff Member at UQU Motivates Students to Obtain High Scores

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Added on - 2019/09/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/09/12

The academic staff member at the Department of Physical Education at UQU College of Education, Dr. Faisal Barwais, has invented a new method to motivate students with the beginning of the first study week and enhance the value of the course to them so as to enrich and develop their information.

His idea aimed to motivate the student to get the highest scores in the course by setting the objectives and make every student put the final score he wishes to achieve at the end of the study semester out of 100.

Dr. Barwais explained that the educational and teaching methods witnessed significant development recently after embracing technology for accelerated development. The idea came to motivate students, remove complexity and break down the barriers between students and their teachers and also to develop the modern teaching methods out of our belief that whenever the proper educational environment, motivation, and support to achieve objectives are provided, the students will be innovative and productive. Moreover they will contribute to the development of their environment and community and achieve their own goals.

The idea of Dr. Barwais found significant interaction on Twitter after he displayed it on his personal account especially when those who mostly interacted with the tweet saw that his step appreciates students and motivates their attendance and perseverance.