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How did Twitter Users Interact with ‘Al-Manarah’ and ‘Rawashin’ Ramadan Video Clip Series?

The UQU Media Center produced 17 successful video clips in two series entitled "Al-Manarah" and "Rawashin," which were uploaded on Twitter @MediaCenterUQU and garnered more than 70,000 views.

Through 10 videos, "Al-Manarah" series attracted around 40 thousand views. All the video clips were presented by a selected group of UQU employees. They varied in topic including faith, health, family, social matters, sports, and education.

On the other side, the "Rawashin" series, which was presented by a selected group of UQU female staff, attracted around 31,000 views through seven videos. The content of the videos varied from promoting the positive faith values and morals that a person can acquire during the blessed month of Ramadan to focusing on the importance of instilling the culture of volunteering through the creation of social initiatives.

A check of Twitter's interactive map shows that "Al-Manarah" and "Al-Rawashin" series generated extensive interactions. The videos made more than 1500 interactions, around 600 re-tweetings, and 750 likes, in addition to receiving over 150 positive responses. These two series represent the first edifying production of the Media Center since its establishment last July (2018).

The Media Center management developed a professional production plan to increase the viewing rate for the videos, so that each segment does not exceed 90 seconds, according to TV production specifications. This contributed to the spread of the clips on the various social networking platforms and WhatsApp chat groups.