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Deanships of Admission and Registration and Information Technology Organize the Second Admission Workshop

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- 2019/05/13

Out of its desire to make the admission process for the academic year 1440-1441 A.H. a success, the Deanship of Admission and Registration seeks to hold regular workshops in collaboration with the Deanship of Information Technology to develop the admission portal. Following the success of the first workshop, a second workshop was held on Thursday 4 Ramadan 1440 A.H. at the deanship's meeting hall in Al-Abdiyyah.

The workshop was launched by the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Ghamdi, and was attended by Dr. Khalid Al-Thaqafi, the Vice Dean of Admission and Registration and Dr. Atif Al-Hejaili, the Vice Dean of Information Technology for e-Transactions and Technical Affairs. The achievements of the first workshop were discussed, after which Dr. Atif Al-Hejaili presented the latest physical developments made on the unified admission portal.

The Dean of Admission and Registration said that all the procedures for the general admission for the academic year 1440-1441 A.H., will take place electronically, without the need for the applicants to come to the deanship. He said the preparation for the admission process is taking place in coordination and integration with the relevant parties inside the university to ensure successful admission procedures.

He expressed appreciation for the full support provided by the UQU President to the deanship, thanked all the attendants, and praised their keenness to attend the workshop.