Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The 16th Session of the Standing Committee on Teaching Assistants and Lecturers Affairs for the Academic Year 1439/1440 A.H.

The 16th session of the Standing Committee for Teaching Assistants and Lecturers was held for the academic year 1439/1440 A.H. on Wednesday, 26 Shaذban, 1440 A.H. The session was headed by the Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Thamir bin Hamdan Al-Harbi, and attended by all the committee members.

Mr. Fayiz bin Sa`d Al-Shanbari, Committee Secretary, stated that all the topics on the agenda were discussed. The topics were as follows:

  • (3) topics concerning nominations for teaching assistant posts
  • (9) topics concerning the nominations of outstanding teaching assistants
  • (3) topics concerning considerations of academic subjects

Appropriate recommendations were made concerning these agenda items.