Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

My Data Service Automatically Links the Reports of University Staff to 'Health' and 'Work'

The female staff of Umm Al-Qura University, who hold a budgeted job under the civil retirement system, have activated their data today, Sunday, through the "My Data" platform, in Al-Jafali Hall at the university headquarters in Al-Zahir. This took place during the visit made by representatives of the Ministry of Civil Service, when the health reports of the staff were automatically linked between the Ministry of Health and the work destination.

The Ministry of Civil Service representative, Hanan Haddad, said that the ministry has launched a field campaign in all regions of the Kingdom to clarify the service of "My Data" for all the staff of the Ministry of Civil Service and to explain its objectives, stressing that promotions will be through this service.

"My Data" aims to present and correct job data, review the career register, and print a service statement, in addition to following up the decisions of training, scholarships and administrative transactions, benefiting from the medical reporting service in partnership with the Ministry of Health, as well as the services provided by the Ministry of Civil Service in the future.

To log into the "My Data" platform, the user logs into "Individual Services" and then clicks on the "Create New Request" icon to retrieve the personal data from the National Information Center, bearing in mind that this data cannot be modified, in order for the beneficiary to start dealing with their job data, which includes: the identification of the governmental authority they belong to, scale, rank and degree, job title, the date of starting the job, and the beginning of service.

The data also includes details of the educational qualifications by providing the platform with the type of qualification, identifying the country and city where the certificate was obtained, the final assessment, as well as identifying the educational institution, and the date of graduation, before the employee confirms the accuracy of the information entered, and then confirms that it is correct.

The representatives of the Ministry of Civil Service explained the mechanism of the "My Data" service, in addition to the services provided by the ministry to employees in the framework of a plan to clarify all the services for each employee working in any government agency, while addressing any obstacles. This makes the employee familiar with all the details related to the post-end-of-service stage.

In this context, Her Excellency the Vice Dean of Faculty Member and Employee Affairs, Dr. Kholoud Aboulnaja, pointed out that the visit was made at the request of the Director General of the Ministry of Civil Service in Makkah Al-Mukarramah to activate the "My Data" service, update the data of the state employees, and provide them with the necessary support.