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Dean of the Higher Institute: Huthi-Launched Missile at Makkah will be their Undoing

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Added on - 2016/11/06  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/06

When Makkah is viciously targeted, Muslims are deeply disheartened and enraged. They even get more sickened when the target is Makkah: place of revelation, home to the Sacred Mosque, the seat of illumination for mankind, our prophet’s birthplace, Arafah Mount and Mina. As such, those who committed such an act will be held accountable.

This will never ever happen as Allah says “and whosoever purposes to violate it wrongly, We shall let him taste a painful chastisement”. Such a holy verse is written in the form of generalization which is the indefinite within the conditional context. That’s to say, it referred to whoever has ill-intentioned scheme towards the ka’aba whether such an atheist within or outside the Sacred Mosque. The verse included all the types of atheism, and the punishment they will meet.

What the huthis, the enemies of Islam who descend from the line of those attempted to tear down the Ka’aba and are the black stone robbers, did will be their imminent undoing. Allah harnessed alliance forces that will uproot them and bring them to their feet. And all the Muslims’ prayers will combine towards them “but the plotting of Evil will hem in only the authors thereof.”

We pray Allah, the Almighty, to protect the Muslims against the vicious plotters and the vexation of the disbelievers, and to guard the Ka’aba from all evils. We also pray Allah to grant victory for our forces stationed at the borders. Such a victory will please our hearts and spread security across our country. May Allah, the Almighty, be praised, and peace be upon our messenger, Mohammed, and all his folks and companions.