Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Major Selection Forum Transforms the College of Computer and Information Systems' Participation into a Technological Knowledge Oasis

The UQU College of Computer and Information Systems has managed to take the students of the Joint First Year Deanship to the world of software environment (office application software, mobile applications, games, and modern technology such as three-dimensional printing). It turned its participation in the annual major selection forum, organized by the Joint First Year Deanship in King Abdulaziz Historical Hall, into a technology and knowledge oasis that embodies the creativity of its students.

The participation of the College of Computer and Information Systems included a number of technical projects in the community electronic applications. The student Abdul-Majeed Al-Zahrani presented application archives designed for one of the authorities in Makkah, while the student Yasir Yamani presented a model of electronic games designed and produced by him and his college team. A number of smart robots were also presented. The student Salih Bakhat, one of the college students interested in information security, gave a presentation on awareness of information security, and how to maintain the confidentiality of data through smart phones.

The Dean of the College of Computer and Information Systems, Dr. Majid Al-Qathami, pointed out that the aim of the forum is to introduce the students of the Joint First Year Deanship to the majors in the college, and the qualitative and distinctive specialties that are in line with Saudi Vision 2030, in addition to the role of awareness of how to maintain data and use applications in mobile phones very carefully.

The forum included creative ideas from students in the fields of computers, technology, and software and how to turn them into startup projects, as the college is full of creators who have contributions and community participation in the technical fields. Dr. Al-Qathami also referred to the desire of the college to prepare students for the labor market by developing their professional skills in the fields of computer and information technology. He also praised the support and care given by His Excellency the UQU President, and his keenness to highlight the creativity and participation of students.

It is worth noting that the college seeks, through its mission, to develop the applied aspect of the educational and research process by organizing the use of technical and laboratory capabilities and expertise to interact with the current and future scientific needs, and to motivate students to innovate and transform their ideas into startup companies and products in the service of the community.