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Umm Al-Qura University

Students of the College of Applied Sciences Present 'Fastaqim' Event at Al-Bushra Secondary School in Mecca

On Wednesday, 30 January, 2019, the students of the College of Applied Sciences (Physiotherapy Department) organized the "Fastaqim [So Stand Upright]" event at Al-Bushra Secondary School in Mecca, under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim. The aim of the event was to educate female students about bad posture, which has increased in recent times, its causes, symptoms and treatment, as well as practice in standing properly.

The approach of our presentation aimed to make sure that the information was accessible to the female students through the use of non-traditional means of explanation, ensuring the information was simple, preparing questions and giving token prizes to attract the attention of female students, and using models to facilitate the explanation.

The bad postures that were discussed were kyphosis (hunchback), scoliosis, and text neck syndrome. Publications, containing several brief points that describe the treatment, were distributed for the female students to review from time to time. The points covered are:

  1. Adopting the correct habits, such as walking properly with your back straight, sitting up straight, and bending while keeping the back straight.
  2. Sleeping without a pillow for the duration of the treatment, and making sure to choose a medical mattress so that the treatment will be more effective.
  3. Keeping the back straight, without curving or bending it. and avoid slouching or rounded shoulders. This will be difficult in the beginning, but with persistence, the hunched back will disappear.
  4. Walking straight until you become used to it. As an experiment to learn the proper way to walk, keep your back straight, place a book on your head, and then walk, as how well the book remains flat on your head indicates how well you maintain a balanced posture when walking.
  5. Exercise, as exercise is a cure to most physical and psychological problems.

The event was presented by the female students: Rahaf Al-Matruk, Rahaf Al-Subhi, Reem Amin, Rose Al-Batati, Daniyah Yamani, Ghayda' Adil, Wijdan Uthman, Ruwan Al-Jafri, Ilham Hadimore, and Ghayda' Al-Qurashi.