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Colleges of Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences Win First Place in "The Best Voluntary Work" Competition

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- 2018/12/23

The Colleges of Medicine and Applied Medical Sciences won first place in the final round for “The Best Voluntary Work” Competition, which was held at the level of Umm Al-Qura University. The event was organized by the Student Volunteer Unit, affiliated to the Vice-Deanship of Counseling, Guidance and Community Partnership, on Thursday, 13 Rabi` Al-Thani, 1440 A.H, in Al-Jawharah Hall. The Vice-President for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Khuli, attended the event, which was organized in cooperation with Ghadan Consulting and Capacity-Building.

The Judging Committee also announced the winners of the second place in the competition, which were the Mass Communication Department, the Qur'anic Recitations Department, and Jamoum University College. The third place was taken by the Islamic Education Department, the College of Islamic Economics and Finance, and the English Language Department. All winners were presented with certificates of merit and commemorative shields.

The Competition Judging Committee asserted that it had applied the same substantive evaluation criteria to all submitted voluntary work. Based on this, the winning teams of the first three places were determined. The evaluation criteria focused on clarity of objectives, harmony with the Kingdom’s Vision for 2030, originality and innovation, the capacity of the volunteering effort reaching the largest segment of the community, feasible implementation using the simplest means at hand, tangibility of the results (outcomes and impacts), in addition to the attached photos and video clips of the participating work.

Finally, Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Khuli, UQU Vice-President for Female Students Affairs, said that any charitable work, no matter how small or great it might seem, could be nothing but a winning effort. On her part, Dr. Amal bint Omar Sindi, Vice-Dean of Student Affairs for Counseling, Guidance, and Community Partnership, praised the efforts made by the Colleges in the area of volunteering, and encouraged the students to exert their utmost, and to pursue excellence in their volunteer activities.