Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Head of Mass Communication Department Opens the First Training Program for Postgraduate Students

- 2018/12/15

The Head of the Mass Communication Department in the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Salim bin Ali Urijah, opened the first training program for male and female postgraduate students in the department. The training program, entitled "Research Proposal Writing Skills in Media Studies," was presented by a department staff member, Prof. Wadee` bin Muhammad Al-`Az`azi. The training took place in the college meeting hall and was transmitted via closed-circuit TV to Al-Zahir campus for females.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Salim Urijah, expressed appreciation for the confidence placed in him by the UQU President, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, in appointing him as the Head of the Mass Communication Department. He stressed that he will work to improve educational outcomes at both the undergraduate and masters levels to enable students to achieve their aspirations in line with the needs of the labor market and according to the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. He added that this will be achieved through the quality programs that will be offered by the department in the fields of public relations, radio, TV, and journalism.

He underlined the importance of organizing such training programs, which pave the way for research at the masters level, and upgrade students' research and cognitive skills in scientific research for the phases to be followed within the requirements of their research proposal. He then praised the support provided by the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Adnan bin Nori Al-Harbi, for the activities and programs of the department.

Then, Prof. Al-`Az`azi, reviewed the phases that media studies researchers must follow, including writing the research proposal, drafting the title and the research problem, setting its objectives and questions, and selecting the scientific methodology and the research sample.

Prof. Al-`Az`azi also touched upon the aspects that define the theoretical part of the research and theme, including developing a comprehensive overview of the research index and contents and organizing the references according to the scientific methods followed in academic research. Moreover, he discussed the different methods through which the comprehensive overview is finalized before being submitted to the supervisor.