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Message from the Department Head

- 2019/01/10

Message from the Department Head

On the course of 30 years, the Department of Mass Communication has witnessed ongoing development. The department used to be one of the departments of the glorious College of Da'wa and Islamic Theology.

It was a dream that came true; the birth of a department for mass communication studies in this well-established University that is the kernel of higher education, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but in the GCC region. The establishment of this Department confirms the deep awareness of the administration of the University, and higher education in general, of the role and value of mass communication in our country, and therefore, the importance of preparing media professionals capable of promoting and developing the mass communication system in our country. In addition to preparing researchers in media studies field who are capable of coping with the great boom in this field on the national and international levels.

The fact that the Department was part of the Faculty of Da’wa and Islamic Theology since its establishment is a clear confirmation on its unique identity; especially that it’s affiliated to Umm Al-Qura University that God has blessed with its unique location on the holiest place on earth. Since its inauguration, the Department was chaired by a number of prominent professors and it resorted to the academic experience of many prominent professors from other sister countries. Those leaders led the Department in that important phase of its history to the safe point where it became stable and strong enough and managed to produce generations of young professionals who managed to assume the responsibility of its management and managed to carry out its holy mission year after year.

After a number of years of its affiliation to the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department established its unique status among other departments of the Faculty and shined as one of the serious academic departments that are always focused on promoting their scientific, academic and research systems, especially after inaugurating the division for female students. The Department prides itself on the ongoing unlimited support by the administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University administration.

The Department diligently seeks to achieve the highest quality levels in mass communication studies, after it managed years ago to develop study in the Bachelor Degree to cope with the ongoing fast-paced advancement.

The Department also worked on developing the practical training systems through establishing studios equipped with top-notch equipments and technologies. It also plans to restructure its newspaper “Manar Al Jami’a” so that it can carry on playing its distinguished role as the mass communication beacon that shows the civilized side of our great University. In addition, it is a well-prepared field for training the male and female students of the Department on all kinds of press work.

The Department also plays a prominent role in serving the society through its scientific, research and practical contributions.

We pray to Allah to bless our academic journey to reach new horizons of scientific, research and practical creativity.


Head of Mass Communication Department

Dr. Salim bin Ali Salim Uraijah