Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The UQU Mass Communication Students on a Scientific Visit to the Jeddah TV Building

- 2018/12/15

The Department of Mass Communication at the UQU College of Social Sciences organized a scientific visit to the Jeddah TV Building for the department's students at the Bachelor's and Master's stages on Wednesday, 22 Safar, 1440 A.H. This visit was led by the Head of the Mass Communication Department, Dr. Salim Urijah, the Department's Associate Professor and TV Director, Dr. Wajdi Helmi, and Mass Communication Professor, Dr. Muhammad Gharib. The visit comes within the framework of social cooperation between the College of Social Sciences and the media institutions, and is considered as part of the series of visits organized by the Department of Mass Communication in cooperation with the TV channels. These visits aim to provide further training for the students in modern media skills, and to engage them in the media industry.

The students were received by the Director General of Jeddah TV, Mr. Haitham bin Omar Baqadir, and the Director of Public Relations, Mr. Musfir Al-Zahrani, who accompanied them in inspecting the different departments of the TV building. During the visit, the students met many cameramen, directors, and technicians, and listened to a thorough explanation of all the equipment located in the studios as well as the production stages of the TV programs.

On his part, the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Dr. Adnan bin Nuri Al-Harbi, asserted that the college uses all its educational capabilities in serving every single student in all majors. The college management works with a teamwork spirit in serving all the departments, thereby enabling the college to achieve scientific excellence, and providing an outstanding educational environment for its students. In addition, the Dean urged the college's heads of departments to organize more visits and scientific activities in order to qualify the students for the labor market, with the direct support of His Excellency the University President.

On his part, the Head of the Mass Communication Department, Dr. Salim Urijah, made it clear that the students' visit would give them the opportunity to become closely familiarized with the potentials of the media institutions and the role they play, and would also improve the students' skills in the media field. He added that the department harnesses all its capacities, potentials, and capabilities to fulfill the students' needs, and he promised to organize many different meetings with all the media bodies and institutions. These meetings help the students receive training, and encourage them to become engaged in the media industry. Moreover, he said that there are many new ideas and suggestions that would enrich the educational system, both academically and professionally, with the qualities needed to graduate outstanding media cadres.

Dr. Wajdy Helmi, the supervisor of the scientific trip, pointed out that these visits give practical experience that is gained along with the student's theoretical knowledge for the benefit of the educational process, and allows the students become acquainted with the latest equipment and modern techniques utilized in the production of professional TV programs. In addition, he said that these visits lead to the graduation of outstanding media cadres qualified for media work at the different TV channels, without any need for them to attend further training courses in this field.

At the conclusion of the visit, Dr. Muhammad Gharib added that these visits are also useful for the students as they acquaint them with the modern techniques used in the TV and Radio studios, and give them practical experience in the media field.

The Mass Communication students extended their thanks and appreciation to the Dean of the College, Dr. Adnan Al-Harbi, and the Head of the Mass Communication Department, Dr. Salim Urijah, for providing these scientific visits which enhance their skills and practical experience, and for giving constant support to their students.