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College of Islamic Economics and Finance Organizes 'the Art of Development' program'

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- 2018/12/06

The College of Islamic Economics and Finance (Female Section) launched a program entitled, 'The Art of Development', which aims at achieving development in human resources to keep pace with the vision of Kingdom of 2030. The program lasted for two days. The Vice-President for Female Student Affairs Dr. Sarah Al-Khuli, the Dean of University Studies Dr. Halah bint Sa`id Al-Amoudi, the Vice Dean of Educational Affairs and Development Dr. Khulud Al-Yusuf, the Vice-Dean of the College of Islamic Economics and Finance Dr. Fa'izah Al-Lihyani, and the Vice-Dean of the College for Educational Affairs Dr. Halah Hijazi attended the course at the College Celebration Hall.

The Dean of the University Studies, Dr. Halah Al-Amoudi, took a tour of the exhibition that included diverse sections: psychological, academic, technical and professional.

The ceremony started with a recitation of the Noble Qur'an, which was followed by showing a documentary about the concept and mechanisms of the art of development. The documentary also portrays simple ways of development and of raw materials that can change the course of life, encouraging innovative thinking of how to introduce new ideas to make them useful.

The Vice-Dean of the College of Economics, Dr. Al-Lihyani, pointed out in her speech that Allah (Exalted be He) ordered human beings to inhabit, construct and cultivate the earth in His saying, "...and made you settle and develop there (on the earth)…" Making us settle and develop on the earth means to construct it and to do everything that brings goodness and benefit, and achieves development and progress.

On her part, the Vice-President for Female Student Affairs, Dr. Sarah, asserted the pivotal role of women in the vision of 2030, and that she is a partner in promoting success and sustainable development in all economic sectors.

Then, students of different departments in the College offered a scientific symposium that covered several axes of development, such as the role of Saudi woman in economic development in the frame of the vision of 2030, the role of universities in the development of education and the vision, pilgrims, and other topics that will be discussed on the second day of the activity.