Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Inaugurates Educational System Workshop

Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafeel, President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), has stressed that the educational system follows the international standards adopted in the educational balance of all programs, which could achieve the future visions of the UQU strategic plan that is in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030.

The UQU President said that during his inauguration of the educational system workshop that was organized by the UQU Vice-Presidency for Educational Affairs, and attended by Dr. Thamer bin Hamdan Al-Harby, UQU Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research; Dr. Abdelaziz bin Rashad Surouji, UQU Vice-President for Educational Affairs; and the deans of relevant colleges and supporting deanships. The workshop was held at King Faisal bin Abdelaziz Hall, in Al-Abediya campus.

Dr. Bafeel praised the support that UQU receives from the wise leadership- may Allah supports it- for the educational programs, human cadres and its administrative and academic environments in order to help its reaches the level of international universities. He underscored the necessity of giving attention to the students and their academic services, from being accepted at the college to their graduation, pointing out that the minimum of student quorum in each semester must be 12 hours.

He hoped that the educational system workshop concludes with recommendations that improve the university's quality educational and research outputs in accordance with the requirements of the labor market as well as the plans of National Transformation 2020 and the Kingdom Vision 2030, in addition to working with the spirit of one team, creating all the educational atmospheres that contribute to polishing up the talents of students and achieving their aspirations, and making them identify the scientific edifice they belong to.

In his turn, Dr. Abdulaziz Surouji talked about the educational system, referring that it gives a clear picture of the current state of the educational process, including the numbers of students and their classes; the faculty members, their positions and specialties; the teaching burdens; and shortage and excess of hours and faculty members in all academic departments, depending on their competence.

He emphasized that this system contributes to correcting the structure of the departments, distributing faculty members on different disciplines, providing a better opportunity for departments to adjust schedules, ensuring that faculty members receive education allowance, making the most of the available resources and raising the quality of educational outputs. Dr. Surouji, also, appreciated the support and guidance of Dr. Abdullah bin Omar Bafeel on the outputs of the educational university.

For his part, Dr. Farid bin Ali Al-Ghamdi, dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs, said that this workshop aims to develop the UQU electronic system to provide a suitable reference for studying the actual needs of faculty members in all colleges and institutes of the university. Moreover, it provides the data through which those who are in charge of planning and the budget of the University can refer to, so that they can identify the areas of need accurately and work to meet them.

In this regard, Dr. Hashim bin Ahmed Al-Samadani, dean of Admission and Registration, said that in keeping with the development and improvement of the educational environment witnessed by the university and the improvement of outputs, a comprehensive study of the numbers of students in each department and college has been conducted. Having attempted to achieve the next mission of the university with the international standards concerning the preparation of divisions, these numbers have been balanced to the satisfactory proportions to meet the aspirations of all UQU male and female students.