Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Dr. Al-Khouly Sponsors (National Vision’s Dimensions in Research Outlets) Symposium

Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Khouly, UQU Vice President for Female Students’ Affairs, attended the symposium organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research on Monday, 21st Muharram 1440H at Al-Jawhara Hall, Girls Premises in Al-Zaher. The symposium was entitled, “National Vision’s Dimensions in Research Outlets at UQU.” Dr. Al-Khouly was warmly received by Dr. Hanady bint Muhammad Buhairy, Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation, in addition to the Vice Deans of Scientific Research and staff members.

The event started with the Saudi Royal Anthem followed by a breathtaking Quranic recitation. Then, Dr. Al-Khouly gave a speech to express the significance of scientific research as the foundation of the civilizational structure of societies and the gear on which it depended to achieve knowledge-based competitiveness and increase productivity and economic prosperity to fulfill the desired future aspirations for the Saudi Vision 2030.

During the program of the symposium, the vision of the Deanship of Graduate Studies was demonstrated. It pointed out to the intention to develop new programs in line with academic scientific developments and related labor market needs. It also noted to the plan to review the articles of the Graduate Studies Regulations to raise the quality standards of the University's graduate studies. In addition, the aspects presented in the event included those related to the Deanship of Scientific Research. In other words, the support for national research and plans to solve the problems of government and private sectors in order to improve the community were discussed.

In the same context, the Institute of Research and Consultation Studies presented its main objectives to achieve a flourishing economy in line with the aspirations of the Saudi Vision 2030. This would be by joining forces with the University to empower the knowledge-based economy and provide professional support consultation services. The symposium also included the concern of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with patents. This is because patents played a role in the transformation of ideas into projects that led to the establishment of start-ups that would cause an economic boom in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. Moreover, the Deanship of Library Affairs had a prominent vision in terms of adapting its objectives to the National Transformation Program. This was by letting the sources of digital information of international classifications keep up with the vision of the Kingdom in line with research priorities. Within the same framework, Wadi Makkah Company contributed in the event with its concern with community service and investment projects targeting the promising young people.  

At the end of the symposium, everyone had lunch to celebrate the occasion.