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Scientific Seminar about (RASED) Organized at Jamoum University College

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- 2018/09/27

A scientific seminar entitled “RASED: Spreadsheet-based CWMT with Performance Indicators” was held at the University College in Jamoum. It was presented by Dr. Abdullah Ba-Suheil, associate professor at the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University, who gave a detailed explanation of this electronic program that facilitates the academic follow-up process of courses and student performance.

A Brief Summary of the Seminar:

Educational institutions' DBMSs are used to maintain and retrieve students' academic records and information, however, in most of the cases, they lack further supports regarding coursework tracking or performance indication. RASED is a supporting coursework management e-tool (CWMT) used to manage and assess performance of academic courses using several indicators. Among the advantages of this tool are simplicity and flexibility in coursework management of that will assist staff to follow- up with the works and duties and of students. It offers abundant information, and provides assistance in making the right decisions at critical times. Moreover, it assists to reply precisely instead of speculatively in cases of inquires or in situations that require proactive follow-up in advance final consequences. The tool can contribute to the effectiveness of the use of e-systems. RASED was implemented as spreadsheet-based tool and has been used in a multiple academic and training institutions


At the end of the seminar, Dr. Abdullah answered the questions of the attendees, including heads of the academic departments and faculty members. Then, on behalf of the dean of the College, Dr. Abdul-Majeed bin Fahad Al-Refai, Vice-dean of the College for Educational Affairs, honored Dr. Abdullah.