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Expertise Houses Specialized Workshops by Consulting Research Institute

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- 2018/09/19

The Vice-Deanship of the Consulting Research and Studies Institute at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) launched the project of Specialized Scientific Workshops Series. The workshops aimed to hold specialized meetings with expertise house owners. In addition, they targeted the provision of services, facilitation of obstacles, and discussion of development and improvement procedures and proposals.

The first workshop was held with the expertise houses registered in the domain of finance and administration. In this regard, Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Al-Shaery, Dean of the Institute, began the event with welcoming the audience and introducing them to the services provided by UQU Consultancy Oasis. In addition, he mentioned the main expectations to upgrade the services of expertise houses, which represented a fundamental source of the Oasis’ services. 

To complete the workshop, Dr. Abdurrahman Majrashy, Vice-Dean of the Institute for Business Implementation and Development, reviewed the main statistics, powers and procedures of the expertise houses, the major recorded results for the beneficiaries of the advisory services, in addition to the most significant observations by regulators. Then, discussion was opened for notes, proposals and work mechanisms on development and implementation. Moreover, attention was drawn to the Vice-Deanship's initiatives, indicators and achievement methods through specialized expertise houses.

During the event, Dr. Ali Al-Shaery and his team appreciated the continuous support provided by Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafil, UQU President, for the Institute and the events thereof. He also wished that Allah, the Almighty, would grant everyone more guidance and success.