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UQU Vice President for Female Students Affairs Discusses Future Aspirations of the Females Section

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Added on - 2018/09/11  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/11

The UQU Vice President for Female Students Affairs Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Kholy discussed with the delegation of the Strategic Team of Empowerment Plan "Tamkeen" 2023, the executive steps relevant to the female students section in the presence of the UQU Vice Presidency Advisors, and the vice deans of the females campuses in Makkah and Jamoum University College. The meeting took place at her office at the university campus in Al-Zahir.  


Meanwhile, the UQU Vice President for Female Students Affairs Dr. Sarah Al-Kholy praised the support attached by the wise leadership to the Saudi Women to enable her to undertake its community role and contribute to serving its nation and community. She said that Tamkeen plan 2023 must cope with the basic objectives and plans of the Kingdom Vision 2030 wishing that the Hajj and Umrah services be included in the vision and mission of the plan as a distinguishing feature of university based on its geographic location.  


She said as per the directives of the UQU President Prof. Abdullah Bafail, the UQU Vice Presidency for Female Students Affairs will work on developing infrastructure and providing an attractive environment for learning, scientific research and innovation as a priority while designating the strategic initiatives set to improve the mental image and increase affiliation amongst the university community.  


She further referred to the importance of activating profession day and giving the students the opportunity to exchange their participation with the labor market in such manner, which will reflect their interests and roles such as their role as advisors or trainers based on their scientific major. She also called for boosting strategic partnerships with the parties interested in the university's outcomes and its investment, social and educational aspects. 


For its part, the Tamkeen plan 2023 delegation valued the interaction and keenness of the UQU Vice President for Female Students Affairs, the Advisors and vice-deans stressing that Tamkeen plan enjoys the support and directives of the UQU President Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail to come out with a strategic and institutional work, which will contribute, to serving the academic and research environment via a clear roadmap to place Umm Al-Qura University within the ranks of the top international universities.