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UQU President Launches the Second Version of the University's Visual Identity and the Department of Security Printing

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Added on - 2018/09/10  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/10

President of Umm Al-Qura University Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail has launched the second version of the university's visual identity and the department of security printing on Sunday Dhul-Hijjah 29, 1439 H in the presence of the UQU Vice Presidents, the Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. Saeed Al-Harthi, the Dean of Admission and Registration Dr. Khalid Al-Thaqafi, Director of the University Printery Mr. Fahad Al-Sharif and the heads of the technical department in the Printery.  The launching ceremony took place at his office at the university campus in Abdyia. 


At the beginning of the event, Prof. Bafail checked on the contents of the visual identity in its second version including several inspired components of the university in form and content. He listened also to the detailed presentation by the director of the University Printery on the department of security printing and its role in maintaining and documenting the university information.  


He further lauded the systematic study carried out by the University Printery and yielded such outstanding identity and the components of the Printery Department, which will contribute to preserving the academic rights of the university and the university's information security. He then praised the Printery staff and the progress they have achieved. 

For his part, the UQU Vice President Dr. Yassir bin Suleiman Shoushou lauded the support of the UQU President and his keenness to launch the university's visual identity, which included accurate details that reflected the university's excellence and heritage. He indicated that the developmental steps made by the University Printery come in line with the progress achieved in all fields. 

In turn, the Director of the University Printery Mr. Fahad Al-Sharif said the university's visual identity in its second version is based on four themes represented in the architectural drawing of the university gate (the academic theme) and (the special color) which is designed according to special criteria besides the quadratic divisions representing the main gate beside the three characters (UQU). He explained that the security-printing department is reckoned a significant transformation in the printing march particularly after owning detectors of forged documents and the e-program responsible for fixing the security tags. He explained that the graduation document includes more than seven security tags such as the thermal labels, voice labels, watermarks, and security barcodes. He added that the department will produce academic transcripts, confidential letters, and secure contract documents.

Concluding his speech, he extended his thanks to the UQU President and the UQU Vice President for supporting the Printery and attaching the needed concern to all the tasks assigned to it.