Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

University Administration Approves Traffic Plan for Academic Year 1439-1440AH

The Administration of UQU has approved the traffic plan for vehicles in Al-Abideyah campus for academic year 1439-1440AH. The plan reflects the desire of the administration to increase the efficiency and flow of the traffic within the campus.

The plan is based on a study of the current situation of the traffic movement in the main plan of the campus. 

The following proposal has also been approved and will be implemented with the starts of academic year 1439-1440AH, relying mainly on the distribution of the movement of entry and exit from the campus between the three gates of the university by dividing the campus into three main areas and specifying the gates that serve each area, taking into account the flow of  the traffic for each area and preventing interference in the movement of vehicles during the process of entry and exit, especially at rush hours. Some of the rotors were closed and the movement was instead directed towards the exits to as follows: 

1- Users of area (1) proposed to enter the campus through gate (1): Shall exit the campus through gate (2) or (3) and must remain on the yellow track to exit.

2- Users of areas (2) and (3) proposed to enter the campus through gate (2) or (3) shall exit through either gate (1) or (2).

The university administration hopes that all its employees (faculty members, students, administrators, employees and technicians), as well as visitors, cooperate and respond the proposal in order to create  a smooth traffic flow of vehicles on campus, God willing.