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Umm Al-Qura University

Announcement to Prepare Ideal Training Package to Enrich the Religious and Cultural Experience of Pilgrims and Umrah Doers

The Islamic Education Research Center in the Deanship of Scientific Research announces its desire to establish a research team tasked with preparing an ideal training package to enrich the religious and cultural experience for pilgrims and Umrah doers and help them to perform their rituals in an easy manner by providing them with the needed awareness and guidance, explaining provision related to the rituals  and the most important holy sites and providing them the needed solutions in this regard.

The final output will be as following:

An ideal training package to enrich the religious and cultural experience for the pilgrims and Umrah doers (in a digital and paper format) including; 

- Themes, objectives, scientific material bases on a training methodology supported with illustrative shapes
-  Activities and exercises 
- Setting knowledge and skills gaining measurement tools (assessments).

Accordingly, the Center invites interested researchers to achieve the above-mentioned package individually or through an integrated research team and submit their applications via the forms available stated below. The applicant (s) must have specialists in the following fields: 
- Studying the similar international experiments and the best international methods, which can be used to provide training for pilgrims and Umrah doers learned through the study.
- Studying the needs of the pilgrims and Umrah doers through the field survey, literary survey and the organizers.
- Studying the training skills and knowledge in the mentioned above points. 
- designing the training packages
- Assessment and evaluation 
- Infographic designing

Project duration: 3 months

  Budget Ceiling SR 100.000

- Last Date For Submitting the Proposals is 12:00 PM Saturday Shawal 16, 1439 H corresponding to June 30, 2018. 

Note: In the event of forming a research team, at least two-thirds of the team members must be from the affiliates of the university including the head of the research team.


Team Submission Form
Individual submission Form