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Al-Lith University College Delegate Visits Admission & Registration Deanship (Girls)

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- 2018/05/09

A delegate from Al-Lith University College visited the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the Girls Section in Al-Zahir. The delegate was headed by Dr. Iman Aqeel Al-Leheiby, Vice-dean of Al-Lith University College, and Dr. Nof Saeed Al Abbas, Supervisor of the Admission and Registration Unit at the College. On the other hand, it was warmly received by Dr. Fatima Ali Al-Ghamdi, Dean of Admission and Registration, and Dr. Tahany Muhammad Al-Subait, Vice-Dean of Admission and Registration for Registration Affairs.

This was followed by an introductory meeting on the deanship and its various vice-deanships and departments:

  • Admission.
  • Study Plans.
  • Registration.
  • Academic Affairs.
  • Student Services.
  • Results.
  • Graduation.

The head of each department defined her department’s missions, problems and appropriate solutions in brief. In addition, queries of guests were answered.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Fatima Al-Ghamdi thanked the delegation for the visit. She also pointed out to the support provided by the Dean of Admission and Registration for such initiatives to introduce the Deanship’s services to students at the various UQU branches. This was in order to achieve the vision and mission of UQU.