Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Deanship of Student Affairs Holds Awareness Forum for Secondary School Students

With the cooperation of the Deanship of Admission and Registration, the Deanship of Student Affairs at the Umm Al-Qura University held an educational awareness forum for the secondary students of Makkah schools. The event was attended by Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Rashad Srougy, the Vice President for the Educational Affairs; Dr. Amr bin Taha Al-Saqaf, the Dean of the Student Affairs; Dr. Hashem bin Ahmed Al-Samadani, the Dean of the Deanship of Registration and Admission; Dr. Talal bin Mubarak Al-Laheby, Assistant General Director of Education in Makkah; the Deanship’s Vice Deans and Affiliates of Makkah Education Directorate. It saw the participation of 1,000 students in the third grade of secondary education.

The forum started with a recitation from the holy Quran. After that, Dr. Saqaf made a speech in which he welcomed the students to the university, adding that the Deanship of Students Affairs gives consideration to the programs, events and activities that contribute to enriching the talents of the students and develop their skill, starting from the day they join the university and until their graduation. This is being done through the different student clubs that reach 25 clubs. He highlighted that the Deanship has set “Student First” as a slogan and is always keen on reflecting it via its various and effective programs and extra-curricular activities. He then lauded the support and consideration of Dr. Abdullah bin Omar BaFail, the UQU President, and Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Rashad Srougy, the Vice President for the Educational Affairs, for all the Deanship’s programs.

After that, Dr. Samadani talked about the services and programs offered by the Deanship of Admission for the university’s students through its different departments, academic affairs, admission affairs, results and graduation. He pinpointed that the Deanship is pleased to be in contact with the secondary school students to know the available specialties in the university via the website and social media platforms.

Then, the attendees watched an introductory movie about the university. This was followed by a speech given by Dr. Laheby in which he congratulated Dr. BaFail on being appointed as the President of the UQU. He thanked the Deanship of Student Affairs and Deanship of Admission for holding this forum for the secondary third grade students in Makkah schools to determine their future and be acquainted with the available specialties in the university. He noted that the student shall know his/her preferences, potentials and capabilities that will help in choosing the suitable specialty to determine the future and objectives to reach what he/she aspires to. He added that the Directorate of Education, with the cooperation of UQU, will work on organizing such an event next year at an earlier time, so that the secondary school students could benefit from it.

Subsequently, Dr. Srougy highlighted that the purpose for holding the forum is introducing UQU specialties, programs, curricular and extra-curricular activities to the secondary school students. It also introduces the duties of the Deanship of Students Affairs and Deanship of Admission from the time the student joins the university and until his/her graduation. He added that the fruitful cooperation with the Directorate of Education in Makkah has contributed to organizing this event. He then lauded the support of Dr. Abdullah bin Omar BaFail, the UQU President, and his keenness on the participation of the students in all the Deanship’s programs and activities.

Then graduates were honored and that was followed by the start of the accompanying activities with holding two sessions about choosing the university specialty, which were given by Dr. Khaled Al-Thaqafy, the Vice Dean of Admission and Registration. The event also introduced the ethics and regulations of the university students (rights and duties) and the programs and activities of the Deanship of Students Affairs.