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Institute of Consulting Research and Studies Organizes Bylaws and Briefs Drafting Course

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- 2018/04/16

The Institute of Consulting Research and Studies (female section) held a training course entitled “Formatting and Writing in Bylaws and Briefs Drafting.” The course was carried out in the training hall of the Institute on Sunday, Rajab 22, 1439 AH. It was given by Ms. Bayan bint Zahran, Lawyer and Trainer in the area of legal skills development.

The course was attended by a number of female students from the Department of Law and the Department of Shari’ah (Islamic Law). The trainer discussed with them the types of bylaws and legal briefs; how to draft legal briefs; the methods of allocation for first-instance rulings and their drafting methodology. This was at the theoretical level. At the practical level, the students were trained on the legal drafting mechanism for bylaws. This is in addition to helping them in defining the aspects of objection in lawsuits, and showing them how to convey such aspects in writing.

At the end of the course, the trainees received certificates of attendance certified by the Vice Deanship for Support of Professional Accreditation. Furthermore, the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies gave the trainer a certificate of appreciation for the useful presentation, asking God to grant her success.