Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Sponsors Closing Ceremony of Students Programs for the Academic Year 1438/1439 H


The President of Umm Al-Qura University Professor Abdullah Omar Bafail said combine efforts must be made to upgrade the educational and academic environment to achieve student concerns and their tendency to enjoy science in an optimistic manner. He noted that Umm Al-Qura University with its 27 colleges, supportive deanships, institutes and research centers is striving diligently to achieve nation’s objectives in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030 and developing the university’s educational, technical and informatics methods to joining the ranks of the advanced human civilizations and maintaining the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its leading roles.   


This came during the closing ceremony of the students' programs works for the academic year 1438/1439 H organized by the Deanship of Students Affairs in  King Abdul-Aziz historical Hall at the university campus in Abdyia in the presence of the UQU Vice Presidents, College Deans, members of the teaching staff and students.   


Meanwhile, Professor Bafail lauded the confidence entrusted to him by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz and the Heir Apparent HRH Prince Mohamed bin Salman, to lead this lofty scientific edifice which enjoys the honor of being located in Makkah. He then praised the directives of the Minister of Education Dr. Ahmed bin Mohamed Al-Issa and his support to upgrade the academic programs of the university in line with Kingdom Vision 2030. 


Professor Bafail stressed the importance of participation in the different and diverse programs and activities of the students organized throughout the academic 1438/1439 H and included several activities to meet needs, desires and tendencies of the male and female students in the educational, sport, social, intellectual aspects in such manner which contributed to honing their skills to be outstanding and effective elements in their community with their thoughts and innovations. He went on to add that the student activities are an integral part to shape the student character and figure out and sponsor their tendencies, improve positive sides amongst them and support their needs to help them achieve the scientific, human and cultural harmony and balance.


Directly upon the arrival of the UQU President Professor Abdulla Bafail to the scene of the celebration made on this occasion, he opened the exhibition of the Deanship of Students Affairs for the programs and works of the Deanship. He then toured the different sections of the exhibition including works of its vice deanships, departments, and students clubs.


Then, the celebration started with Quranic recitation, after which speech of the students’ activities was delivered by student Mohamed bin Waleed  Mirdad in which he spoke about the role of the deanship of students and its programs and activities which contributed to honing their skills throughout the academic year 1438/1439 H, adding that the university students must make use of their time properly by participating in these programs which develop his talent, thinking and hone his skills.


After that, the Dean of Students’ Affairs Dr. Amro bin Taha Al-Saggaf delivered his speech in which he praised the honorable attendance of the UQU President Professor Bafail in the closing ceremony of the programs of the deanship explaining that all administrative staff and student of the deanship are endeavoring to provide the best services and activities which meet different students’ needs reviewing the student activities provided by the deanship within its programs for this year.  

Further, the UQU President and the audience watched a chanting operetta, after which the UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs Dr. Abdul-Aziz bin Rashad Al-Sorouji delivered speech praising the directives of the UQU President and his support provided for all the programs carried out by the UQU Vice Presidency for Educational Affairs dubbing the student as the focus of the educational process in the university. 


Then, all audience watched a play prepared and implemented by the students and a video showing the achievements of the Deanship of Students Affairs for the academic year 1438/1439 H. 


All the more, the UQU President announced the winners of the university role model contest, one of the initiatives of Makkah Cultural projects for the year 1439 H organized under the slogan of “ How to be a Role Model”. The total value of the award is SR 45,000 whereas the student Suleiman Al-Haj Omar won the first place and received SR 20,000, student Ismail Mohamed Yahiya Minyar won the second place and received SR 15,000, while student Mohamed Ayman Abdul-Rahman Halawani wins the third place and received SR 10,000.  


At the conclusion of the ceremony, the UQU President honored the participants in the students’ activities including; the students and the relevant departments and he received a memorial gift from the UQU Vice President for Educational Affairs and the dean of students’ affairs on this occasion.