Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Scientific Council Promotions (14th Session) for Academic Year 1438-1439 H

The Vice Presidency of UQU for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, represented by the Scientific Council Secretariat, is pleased to announce to the faculty members that the approval of UQU President was issued regarding the scientific promotions listed at the 13th session of the Council. We wish them further success in the domain of scientific research, and we ask Allah to bless them with His care to help them reach their dreams and accomplish what they aspire to.

Proper recommendations were also made regarding the topics on the aforementioned Council's agenda.

* The Scientific Council’s Secretariat hopes that the following faculty members will review it by the end of next week to receive the certificates of promotion.

 Names of faculty members and their promotions:

1- Promotion of Dr. Abdullah bin Mostafa Mohamed Al-Shangiti, the Assistant Professor at the Department of Arabic Linguistics, Arabic Morphology and Syntax, College of Arabic Language to an Associate Professor;
2- Promotion of Dr. Nidaa bin Mostafa Hamza Bogari, the Assistant Professor  at the Medical Genetics Department in the College of Medicine to an Associate Professor;
3- Promotion of Dr. Rafaat bin Mohamed Abdul-Hai Mosali, the Assistant Professor at the Department of Pediatrics. College of Medicine, to an Associate Professor;
4- Promotion of Dr. Badriya bint Attiah Al-Harazi, the Assistant Professor at the Department of D'awa and Islamic Culture, College of D'awa and Islamic Theology, to an Associate Professor;
5- Promotion of Dr. Sanaa bint Abdul-Rahim Abdullah Halwani, the Assistant Professor  at the Department of the Holy Book and Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Traditions, to an Associate Professor;
6- Promotion of Dr. Basma bint Salama bin Salim Al-Rihaili, the Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography, College of Social Sciences to an Associate Professor;
7- Promotion of Dr. Manal bint Abdul-Rahman Mohamed Safar, the Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Management and Planning, College of Education to an Associate Professor;