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Social Work Department Organizes Social Events Exhibition

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- 2018/04/12

In honor of Dr. Sarah bint Omar Al-Kholi, UQU vice president for Female Students Affairs, and Dr. Hanadi Qumrah, vice dean of Jamoum University College and advisor to the UQU Vice President; the Department of Social Work at Jamoum University College organized an exhibition entitled “Social Events”, on Tuesday 17/07/1439 AH. The exhibition was designed to introduce the profession of the social worker and its various humanitarian fields in the society. It was attended by the head of the Department of Social Work, heads of departments, vice deans of the academic departments, the faculty members and the college’s staff and female students.

Then, the program began with reciting verses from the Holy Quran, and welcoming Umm Al-Qura University vice president, advisor and the attendees. Dr. Hanadi, then, gave her speech about the exhibition and college. Also, Dr. Afaf Qabouri, head of Department of Social Work.

At the end of the event, Dr. Sarah Al-Kholi, extended thanks and gave guidance to the students and staff of the College. The head of the Department of Social Work presented commemorative shields to UQU vice president, dean of Jamoum University College and the vice dean of the college. She also honored the department’s staff.

Thereafter, the vice dean for Female Student Affairs, the vice dean and the attendees took a tour of the exhibition. Each female student gave a brief overview of the Social Work Department’s fields and the role of social worker in the community. The exhibition won the admiration of all attendees and visitors.