Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU Vice President Launches (Future Educational Approaches) Conference

Dr. Sarah bint Omr Al-Khouly, Vice President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) for Female Student Affairs, inaugurated the scientific conference entitled, Future Educational Approaches in Light of Vision 2030, on Thursday, 26th Rajab 1439H (12th April 2018). The conference which has been determined to continue for two days (25-26th Rajab 1439H) is organized by the College of Education (Girls Section).

This was in the presence of Dr. Hala Al-Amoudy (Dean of University Studies for Girls), Dr. Kholoud Al-Yusuf (Vice-Dean of University Studies for Girls for Educational Affairs), Dr. Abeer As-Sabban (Vice-Dean of the College of Education), Dr. Bosaina Al-Ghamdy (Vice-Dean of the College of Education for Graduate Studies), Dr. Kawthar Baljoun (Vice-Dean of the College of Education for Educational Affairs), Dr. Al-Anoud Muhdhar (Vice-Dean of the College of Education for Development), as well as the assistant department heads and affiliates at the College of Education.   

The event started with a breathtaking Quranic recitation followed by the speech of Dr. Sarah Al-Khouly. She said, “No doubt that education is the cornerstone of human development. Therefore, we should spare no effort in the preservation and development of our values and identity deep within the hearts of present and future generations. This will be achieved by paving their ways and providing all the skills and knowledge they need so that they can face the challenges of a constantly changing technology-based society.” “It is here at UQU where we must strive to adopt everything that is new and useful for the advancement of human cadres. We have to keep our eyes upon the female student, who is the center of the educational process, to achieve the vision of our wise leadership, May Allah support it!” she added.

In the same context, Dr. Abeer As-Sabban said, “This conference stems from the Saudi Vision 2030. It aims to achieve excellence and educational leadership to which the UQU College of Education aspires. As a result, this contributes to the building of society through the promotion of scientific mobility and integration between the scientific departments of the College on the one hand and between faculty members and female students on the other. Moreover, a scientific climate will prevail contributing to the advancement of scientific research and encouragement of inter-research. This will also open the way for research cooperation between faculty members in different educational disciplines, and provide opportunities for interaction and experience exchange between the affiliates of the College of Education and the teachers and supervisors at the pre-university education schools in Makkah.”   

Within the same framework, Dr. As-Sabban explained that the significance of such conference lied in the encouragement of distinctive scientific research of both faculty members and postgraduate students. She added that the conference also directed attention towards new research issues and topics that stemmed from and contributed to the enhancement and promotion of the educational reality. Moreover, it contributed to the development of scientific research skills among those engaged in educational research, discussion of issues of priority in the domain of education, and the preparation and training of the teacher. The conference also aimed at learning about, discussing and introducing the leading scientific experiences in the domain of education, in addition to activating the integration and cooperation between the departments of the College of Education to achieve its vision and the community partnership through the collaboration between the College of Education and the pre-university education institutions.

Therefore, Dr. As-Sabban confirmed that the aforementioned objectives of the conference would fulfill the Saudi Vision 2030 to promote education. She added that the event would comprise the discussion of the requirements of scientific research, research on the issues of education, and attention to contemporary educational trends from the perspective of scientific disciplines and departments in the light of Vision 2030.  

This was followed by the launch of the scientific symposiums and sessions associated with the event.