Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Volunteering Club of Jamoum University College (Female Section) Organizes Visit to Old Age Home  

As part of the College’s endeavor to realize community partnership and participate in achieving the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 in the field of volunteer work, the Volunteering Club at Jamoum University College (female section) organized a visit to the old age home in Makkah, on Wednesday, Rajab 11, 1439 AH. This was under the directions and auspices of His Excellency Dr. Tawfeeq Al-Shareef, Dean of Jamoum University College, and Her Excellency Dr. Hanadi Qamrah, Vice Dean of the College. Twenty five female students participated in this visit, under the supervision of the female affiliates of the Female Student Affairs Unit.  

The visit started with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran, which was followed by a visual presentation for introducing the College and the student activities for the academic year 1438/1439 AH. After that, a segment was devoted to contests, before the entertainment segments began. Finally, the students distributed the gifts they got for the old ladies, and had a meal with the residents.  

The visit – thanks be to God – achieved the desired goals in terms of deepening the concept of volunteer work; strengthening the bond among society members; and bringing joy to the hearts of the elderly. Through this visit, everyone perceived that our good government is keen on providing care and comfort to this social group.