Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

First Aid Course Organized at Girls Section in Jamoum

- 2018/03/13

Jamoum University College (Girls Section), on Tuesday 25/6/1439, organized a course on first aid. The course was presented by Dr. Rouida Bakri, assistant professor at UQU College of Medicine in Al-Abediya.

The course was attended by Dr. Hanady Komra, vice dean, and the female faculty members as well as the female members of Security and Safety Committee, employees and students.

During the course, Dr. Rouida gave a presentation on all emergency cases that require first aid, such as burns, fractures, drowning, suffocation, fainting and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation. She also broached how to deal with these emergency cases. The training was not limited to the theoretical aspect; whereas a group of female students from UQU College of Medicine provided guidance through live experiments on first aid training (CPR) dolls.