Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Clinical Nutrition Department Holds Advisory Committee Meeting

- 2018/03/12


On Monday, Jumada Al-Thani 17, 1439 AH, corresponding to March 5, 2018, the meeting of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Clinical Nutrition was held, as part of the Department’s plan for achieving the objectives of development and qualitative quality to improve the leaning outputs of the Department’s female students, and in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. This was in the presence of the members of the Advisory Committee at the Department: Dr. Hassaan bin Mazhar Bukhari, Chairman of the Committee; Dr. Haifaa bint Hussein Hejazi, Head of the Department; Prof. Islam Ahmad Mahmoud Haidar; Dr. Samaa Saeed Al-Saadaa; Dr. Al-Sayyed Hamed Ali Bakr; Dr. Doaa Raafat Najm; Dr. Kholoud Jameel Ghafouri; Ms. Salma Saad Al Mashi; Dr. Nahlaa Khaleefah; Ms. Mayy bint Saleh Labani; Ms. Ameerah bint Muhammad Falemban; Ms. Nesreen bint Essaam Al-Baz; and Ms. Sameerah bint Sameer Al-Jebaali.

The meeting started by His Excellency Dr. Ayman Al-Saegh, Dean of the College, thanking and praising God; welcoming the Department’s guests, the Committee’s members from outside the Department; and pointing out the great role played by the Advisory Committee in developing the strategic plans of the Department. This was followed by a speech made by Her Excellency Dr. Haifaa bint Hussein Hejazi, Head of the Department, about the importance of promoting the functions of the committee of advisers at the Department given its significant role in developing and implementing the Department’s strategic plans in line with the plan of the College and the University. Afterward, His Excellency Dr. Hassaan bin Mazhar Bukhari, Chairman of the Committee, gave a presentation on what has been discussed in the meeting including the vision of the Department and the College; the Department’s research plan; curricula development; learning outputs; and female students’ problems. Then, the members of the Committee talked things over and made recommendations that would develop the Department’s future plans.

God is the Granter of success.