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Deanship of Admission & Registration Participants in Annual Forum for Discipline Selection

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- 2018/03/08

The Deanship of Admission & Registration participated in the annual forum for discipline selection that was organized by the Preparatory Year Deanship for Girls throughout two days: Tuesday 18/06/1439 AH under the supervision of Dr. Alyaa Al-Jindy, dean of the Preparatory Year Deanship for Scientific and Administrative Tracks, and Thursday 20/6/1439 AH, under the supervision of Dr. Azza Banouna, vice dean of the Preparatory Year Deanship for Medical Track.

The deanship’s participation was represented by a group of female students, led by Dr. Fatma bint Ali Al-Ghamdi, vice dean of Admission and Registration for Academic Affairs; Dr. Hanady bamagoos and Ms. Raja Farhan, from the Academic Affairs Department; and the staff of the Public Relations and Information Unit at the Deanship, Ms. Sara Al-Adwani and Ms. Hana’a Al-Tuwarki.

Dr. Fatma Al-Ghamdi, during the forum, delivered a speech in which she referred to the importance of such forums in raising awareness and helping the female students to select the discipline that is suitable to their abilities and wishes. She elaborated the concept of discipline, its steps and requirements, as well as the complusory transfer and its procedures. She concluded her speech by pointing out the importance of the female student's keenness to know her academic rights; wishing them success in the selection of their disciplines that commensurate with their wishes.



In addition, part of the forum was assigned to answer the students’ inquiries. The Academic Affairs Department staff showed a presentation on the selection of disciplines and the method of filling in wishes through electronic services from the student's website. Following that, they talked about the disciplines available at the university's main branch and the compulsory transfer process.

At the end of the forum, the vice dean expressed thanks and appreciation to the Preparatory Year Deanship staff and all their tracks for this initiative to raise awareness of the female students; whereas this participation came in the framework of the cooperation between Deanships of Admission and Registration along with Preparatory Year.


May Allah endow us with success!