Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Meeting of the Tenth Standard Committee & Sub-Committees Heads

The Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research on Sunday, 25-5-1439 AH, at 1:00 PM, held the third meeting of the tenth standard “The Scientific Research”, at the Scientific Research Deanship, under the supervision of Dr. Thamer bin Hamdan Al-Harby, vice-president for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research. The meeting was held to discuss the results of self-evaluation for institutional accreditation criteria, and the efforts of the sub-committees in the self-evaluation of the colleges and branches of the University.

The meeting began by paying thanks to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah. Then, Dr. Thamer Al-Harby thanked the heads of the sub-committees, members of committees, M\F vice-deans of the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Colleges, coordinators of the four sub-committees for their efforts exerted during the last period to finalize the self-evaluation procedures of the tenth standard and to complete the assessment of the indicators.

Thereafter, Dr. Hanadi Behairi (Coordinator), vice-dean of Scientific Research Deanship for Development and Quality, gave a presentation that reviews the National Commission’s recommendations on the tenth standard, a summary of the work of the subcommittees, the stages of the self-assessment plan for the tenth standard, and the results of the collection of researchers' data from faculty members at the university. The heads of sub-committees are Dr. Faisal bin Awad Bawaris, head of first sub-group (Sharia’h Colleges and branches); Dr. Nasser bin Abdullah Al-Shaharani, head of the second sub-group (humanities colleges); Dr. Maysoon bint Zayed Al-Bonian, head of third sub-group (Scientific, Engineering and Computer Colleges); and Dr. Mohammed Mokhtar, head of fourth sub-group- (Medical and Health Colleges). They presented the results of the self-assessment of the colleges, monitored the updated percentage of achievements, discussed the improvements’ priorities, and the recommendations that would raise the level of scientific research in the entities and colleges. The various axes related to the data presented were then discussed.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Thamer Al-Harby, vice-president of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research; Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ahdal, Dean of Scientific Research; Dr. Faisal Allaf, chairman of Wadi Makkah Co.; Dr. Mowffaq bin Mohamed Oreijah, dean of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute; Dr. Atef bin Hussein, the youngest representative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Institute for Hajj and Umra Research; Dr. Abdurrahman bin Hussein Abo Al-Kheour, vice-dean of the Institute of Manuscripts and Revival of Islamic Heritage; Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar, vice-dean of Scientific Research for Research Centers; and Dr. Faisal Bawaris, vice-dean of Scientific Research Deanship. Also, the meeting at the girls section was attended by Dr. Hanadi Behairi, vice-dean of Scientific Research Deanship for Development, Quality and Academic Accreditation; Dr. Somaya Sharaf, vice-dean of Scientific Research for Research Volunteering and Voluntary Research; Dr. Maysoon Al-Bonian, vice-dean of the Graduate Studies; Dr. Majwa Samargandi, vice-dean of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Dr. Amira Al-Khusifan, vice-dean of the Consultative Research and Studies Institute.