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UQU Forms Board of Saudi Scientific Society for Waqf

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Added on - 2016/06/01  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/06/01

Umm Al-Qura University announced on Wednesday, Shaaban 25, 1437H names of the board members of the Saudi Scientific Society for Waqf (Endowment). The board was formed during a meeting held at the King Abdulaziz chamber in Al-Abdiyah Campus. It was attended by UQU's President Dr. Bakry bin Maatouq Assas and Dean of the College of Judicial Studies and Laws Saud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad Al Shuraim.


During the general meeting, which began with recitation of few verses of the Holy Quran, Dr. Al Shuraim delivered a speech in which he reiterated the importance of endowments according to the essence of Islam in addition to its scientific aspects. He warned that many Muslims are not well aware of the virtues of endowing. He called for establishing a scientific magazine that covers seminars and conferences held on the same issue. 


He shed light on the efforts that led to the meeting where they announce the establishment of the society. A paradigm shift happened at the College of Judicial Studies and Laws to turn these efforts into reality, Dr. Al Shuraim said, giving credit to UQU's President over his support to the society. He thanked Secretary General of Future Investment Center (Estithmar) Dr. Abdurrahman Aljerawy over studies made by the center on the newly established entity.


In his speech to the meeting, Assas underlined the Waqf virtue as a good tradition of Islam in addition to the related studies and researches made to develop solutions of the ongoing issues and problems. He noted that the scientific societies and community institutions are requested to educate people on the various fields of endowments in order to keep track with latest updates.


According to rules set by prominent scholars, only authorized entities may take on the mission and develop this recommended grace which would come back with fruitful results in favor of the economy and social life, he said.


Assas noted that Awqaf (or endowments) are a main source of finance that may carry off the burden of public sector away by establishing schools, facilities, mosques, housing units and clinics in addition to books and researches printing along with the provision of scholarships. The endowments can realize interests of homeland and create close relations with justice, he said.


He voices hopes that the new society would follow the steps of other groups in serving the endowments and achieving the aspired goals. The president noted that the College of Judicial Studies and Laws can meet the aspiration of the university and accomplish its mission of serving the community and maintaining the interest of homeland. He hailed efforts exerted by the UQU's staff and employees who are joining their leaders to build a civilized community that can lead the country. Also, he expressed praise to the Dean of the College of Judicial Studies and Laws.


Later, the general assembly meeting began casting votes to name the board members. Final results showed that as many as 74 people gave their votes to Dr. Al Shuraim while Dr. Hamad Al Ghamas came second by 69 votes. Dr. Ali Al Zahrany and Dr. Khaled Al-Shamrani got 56 votes each while and Dr. Abdurrahman Aljerawy got 52 votes. In the same vein, Dr. Sater Alghed and Dr. Omar Almobty got 51 and 46 votes respectively. In the meantime, both of Dr. Essam al-Jifri and Nawaf Aal Ghalib received 29 votes each.


The elected board held its first meeting and named Dr. Al Shuraim as its chairperson, Dr. Abdurrahman Aljerawy as his deputy chairperson, Dr. Ali Yusuf as a secretary general and Dr. Essam al-Jifri as the board's treasurer.