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UQU President: KSA One of the Forefront Countries Fighting Drugs

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Added on - 2016/05/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/05/12

The UQU President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatooq Assas, inaugurated, Thursday, Shaaban 1437H, the Drug Hazards Awareness Exhibition. Held under the theme: "My Life is Precious!", the exhibition in its second edition (1437H) aimed to raise people's awareness of the hazards of drugs and the ways to control drug abuse.

It was organized by the Narcotic Drug Control Department in Makkah at King Abdulaziz Historical Auditorium, in the UQU premises in al-Abdiyah. The exhibition was attended by the Director of the Narcotic Drug Control Department in Makkah Region, Col. Muhammad bin Mutlaq al-Thubeiti, and the Director of the Narcotic Drug Control Department in the Holy City of Makkah, Col. Nasser al-Hemiani, in addition to a constellation of security senior officers in Makkah.

After ribbon-cutting, thereby launching the exhibition, Dr. Assas, accompanied by participants, toured through the various sections and pavilions of the exhibitions, where he listened to an elaborate accounts of the health and social hazards of drug-abuse, and the ways to control it.

It followed that the event kicked of with a Quranic recitation, followin which the Director of Narcotic Drugs Control Department in Makkah Region, Col. Muhammad al-Thubeiti, delivered an address shedding light on drug hazards. The hazards, according to Col. al-Thubeiti, surpass drug-abusers to the the community at large. He stressed that his department makes every effort to protect the community, especially the youth, who are more discernible to such a lesion. This State institutions, at the direction of its leaders, has always been keen to preserve the national potentials and well-being of the social fabric, he said.

Col. al-Thubeiti highlighted the efforts exerted by the General Department for Narcotic Drugs Control, by adopting two approaches in parallel: control and awareness. In the meantime, it stands firmly in the face of promotion or trading in such toxins. The second approach, awareness, is a responsibility shared by everyone. Requiring cooperation and consolidated efforts, such awareness is indispensable for fighting such an eminent threat. "What we are witnessing today," he said, "is in fact a manifestation of how assuming social responsibility should be like." He lauded the role played by UQU, under the supervision of its president, Dr. Assas, who provided all the support he could to bring success to this event. This comes as part of the university's activities aimed to protect the community. "Umm al-Qura University is, and will remain to be, a beacon and torch-bearer for this community, and a hub of science and knowledge," he said. "And this country is, and will remain to be, a beacon of stability prosperity, Allah willing."

This was followed by a presentation showing the efforts and awareness programs organized by Makkah Narcotic Drugs Control Department over the past year.

After that, on behalf of the participants, Abdulrahman al-Ghamdi delivered an address on their behalf. He reaffirmed the importance of the participation of everybody in serving the religion and homeland, proceeding from the sense of national and social responsibility. This is to be realized by way of activating partnerships between governmental and private sectors, with a view to serving the community, and boosting the public awareness of the hazards of drugs that pose an eminent security threat.

For his part, the UQU President, Dr. Assas, delivered an address commending the impressive efforts and unstinting support of Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, HRH the Crown Prince, and HRH the Deputy Crown Prince. By doing so, the aim to preserve the national potentials, and protect the community, and everyone inhabiting this blessed land. He stressed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been "one of the forefront countries fighting drugs," for the sake of protecting this community against such a wicked threat.

He said: "The Saudi Ministry of Interior, through its multiple departments, most importantly the General Department of Narcotic Drugs Control, has shouldered this responsibility so that our dear homeland would enjoy a healthy environment, free from all such hazards, as well as protecting the community against its devastating consequences, especially for the youth of both genders. It is no secret, they are the first and foremost targeted group, for they are deemed to be the pillar of this country." He lauded the role played by security forces who are ready to sacrifice their lives for protection of the entire community against all those willing to undermine the territory and humans of this country.

He went on to say that organizing such an awareness exhibition, by the Department of Narcotic Drugs Control in the Holy City of Makkah stands out as a testimony to all the blessed efforts made in this respect. The exhibition, it is worth noting, included the various types of narcotics, and the tools used for illicit traffic of drugs, with the aim of educating the community on its hazards. He prayed for Allah to protect our country from all evils, to perpetuate its security and stability, and to help and guide the security forces.

As the event drew to a close, the UQU President, Dr. Bakri bin Maatooq Assas, an the Director of Nracotic Drugs Control in Makkah REgion, Col. Muhammad al-Thubeiti, honored the individuals and bodies participating in the exhibition.