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Pharmacy College holds a lecture titled (Adiporon and reducing artery stenosis risks)

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- 2017/10/20

As part of weekly scientific activities held by the College of Pharmacy, Dr. Arwa Mohamed Fayrak, a teaching member of the College of Clinical Pharmacy, gave a lecture about a summary of a PhD thesis in the clinical pharmacy field at Georgia University on Thursday 5/10/2017  as part of weekly lectures and workshops held by the Faculty Members Development Unit.

The lecture tackled"Adiporon" as the first catalyst of Adiponectin receptors, which reduce the risk of artery stenosis by inhibiting the growth of arterial cell growth through a mechanism that relies on activating AMPK, which consequently moves to inhibit mTOR. On the other hand, Adiporon works by preventing PDGF signals, through which we deduce the possibility of using Adiporon in treating artery stenosis in the future.

Her Excellency answered inquires by teaching members about such kind of modern studies, which have an important role in reducing the risks of heart diseases.