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Wadi Makkah Participates with Worksheet in GITEX Dubai 2017

At the invitation of the Organizing Committee, Wadi Makkah Technology Company at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) participated in GITEX Technology Week Dubai 2017. This was with a worksheet on "KSA, a Startups Center" presented by Dr. Faisal bin Ahmad Allaf, Wadi Makkah CEO. The participation also was through Wadi Makkah Pavilion under the umbrella of the Saudi Exports Development Authority. The event witnessed the presence of Dr. Hani Othman Ghazi, UQU Vice-President for Development and Entrepreneurship and Wadi Makkah Vice-chairman, in addition to a number of interested persons in entrepreneurship.   

During the event, Dr. Faisal Allaf spoke about the investment opportunities for start-up companies in KSA, Middle East and North Africa, and the latest trends in Saudi investment. In addition, he presented the experience of Wadi Makkah Co. in the incubation and acceleration of business, and its success in launching ten startups for a number of UQU staff members and students, the domains of which varied in transport, crowd management, tracking systems, medical systems, smart cities, etc.

It is worth mentioning that the participation of Wadi Makkah Co. was at the invitation of the GITEX 2017 Organizing Committee. Such invitation aimed to share the experience of Wadi Makkah Co. in Dubai's biggest commercial event and the Middle East's gate in front of the biggest brands.

In an intervention on the sidelines of the session, Dr. Hani Ghazi confirmed that Wadi Makkah Co. was considered the investment hand of UQU. He explained that the company has been transforming students' patents into concrete products related to technical aspects. Such products were utilized in the projects related to the pilgrims' service, due to the close geographical location of the University and the Company to the Holy Places. Moreover, he noted that the Company has been following the footsteps of KSA Vision 2030, which aimed at raising the number of Makkah visitors for pilgrimage purposes to 30 million, in order to dedicate efforts to contribute to such trend.

In the same context, Dr. Hani Ghazi said that under the continuous guidance and support of Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, UQU President and Wadi Makkah Co. Chairman, the Company has been following clear strategic plans which aimed at the development of entrepreneurship, cognitive innovation, investment and startups' support in various domains.