Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

SEC Delegation Visits Wadi Makkah 

Wadi Makkah Technology Company received on Tuesday Dhul-Qe'dah a delegation from Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) led by the Executive Vice President for Engineering and Projects at SEC Eng. Khalid Al-Rashed, the Head of Innovation, Research and Development sector in SEC Eng. Ahmed bin Hussein Al-Mubarak and acting Director of Research and Development Eng. Shafi Al-Hosain. The visit aimed at touring the company and checking on services and products provided by Wadi Makkah and its startups. 


The delegation was received by the CEO of Wadi Makkah Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf, the Director of Public Relations and media at Wadi Makkah Dr. Majid Abdullah. Founder of one of Wadi Makkah Startups Dr. Abdullah Morad and a number of founders of Wadi Makkah startups. 


During the visit, SEC delegation toured the building of Wadi Makkah including the headquarters of some affiliated companies and reviewed a detailed presentation for some technical products of Wadi Makkah Startups provided by Internal Navigation Company (Navibees), Smart Cities Company (Averos) and Medical Technologies Company (Softcare). 


Meanwhile, Eng. Khalid Al-Rashed acclaimed products and services of Wadi Makkah which he viewed and explained that SEC represented by Engineering and Projects sector is looking forward to have a positive partnership with Wadi Makkah.


For his part,  CEO of Wadi Makkah Dr. Faisal Al-Alaf said that Wadi Makkah technologies have obtained the confidence of many clients in the government and private sectors, confirming the readiness of his company to deal with all institutions in the public and private sectors.