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Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education Organized Two Training Programs for MAWHIBA Female Students on Scientific Research and Augmented Reality

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- 2017/08/09

The Deanship of e-Learning and Distance Education at Umm Al-Qura University organized two training programs on the basic rules of scientific research and the augmented reality technology within the extracurricular activities of MAWHIAB Summer Enrichment Program for the year 2017. The training programs took place at MAWHIBA organization venue at the Deanship of Preparatory Year, Medical Track, females section in Abdyia campus.     


Meanwhile, Dean of e-Learning and Distance Education Dr. Khalid bin Hatim Al-Mutairi lauded the cooperation with MAWHIBA Summer Enrichment Program 2017 branding it as a constructive and fruitful to prepare community members in various aspects of knowledge. "The program contributes to meeting talents educational and research needs and enabling and encouraging them to innovate in line with the current era aspirations", he expounded.   


For her part, Vice Dean of e-Learning and Distance Education and the Trainer of Basic Rules of Scientific Research course Dr. Hanaa bint Abdul-Rahim Yemani said the course is set to introduce concepts, methodologies, steps and tools of scientific research besides setting components and elements of research plan, indicating that the course is tailored to be in line with the aspirations of the talented female students and suitable for their ages whereas it included interesting and purposeful training activities.  


She added that the scientific research course is one of the vital courses for students as it helps the trainee moving on a solid scientific ground and realizing the importance of scientific research and its role in the development of people and community. She went on to add that the female trainees also learned about the cloud storage in general as one of computer applications, besides the most important tools and extensions of the browser which help the researcher access to the essays and read them at any time.   


Within the same vein, the Head of MAWHIBA Summer Enrichment Program 2017, Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudi said technology has become an integral part of the educational process particularly when education is integrated into entertainment to help to boost thinking skills and expanding the perception of talented female students. She added that the aspects of the two programs included; encryption, physics, chemistry in the community, biotechnology,  introduction to medical sciences indicating the that they female students have learned also about the augmented reality technology and how to use it and the most important applications used in addition to the practical training and activities. 


She further added that the program targeted 100 female students in the first and second years of secondary schools and was set to boost their cognitive, personal , social and thinking skills and their abilities to solve problems taking advantage of UQU facilities and capabilities including; labs, study rooms, training halls in the Deanship of Preparatory year and the laboratories of the College of Medicine.