Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

UQU President Launches TechnoValley Summer Training Program

On Sunday, July 2, 2017, the President of Umm al-Qura University (UQU) and Makkah TechnoValley Co., Dr. Bakri bin Maatouq Assas, launched the second annual summer training program conducted by Makkah TechnoValley for the advantage of the UQU Institute of Creativity and Entrepreneurship. Participating in the training course are 60 students coming from all Saudi universities.

Present at the event, that was held at the Events Auditorium of Mkkah TechnoValley Co, Al-Abdiya Campus, were Dr. Hani bin Othman Ghazi, UQU Vice President for Academic Development and Community Service and Acting Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Creativity, and Dr. Faisal Allaf, executive director of Makkah TechnoValley.

At the beginning, Dr. Ghazi gave an address on the importance of Makkah TechnoValley Summer Training Program, and its role in coping with the aspirations of the Wise Leadership towards realizing the Saudi Vision 2030. The program, he clarified, is designed to hone students' entrepreneurship and creativity skills, and develop their abilities to adopt them in their career. He praised the support and directions of the UQU President, Dr. Bakri Assas, for organizing this second round of the program, wishing the best of luck for applicants.

If followed that the UQU President, Dr. Assas, delivered an address, in which he congratulated the applicants accepted to the TechnoValley Summer Training Program. He urged them to stick to hard work and patient to make optimal use of the benefits offered by Makkah TechnoValley Co. to trainers.

Dr. Assas pointed out that this program goes in line with the unstinting pursuit to realize the Saudi Vision 2030, with a view to bridge the gap between educational outputs and needs of the labor market. That is to be added to supporting and reinforcing creativity and entrepreneurship, to serve as one of the economic growth pillars.

For his part, the Executive Director of Makkah TechnoVally Co, Dr. Allaf, highlighted the program objectives. According to him, it places particular emphasis on honing the technological and entrepreneurial skills an entrepreneur needs to start up his/her own business. Another objective is to bridge the gap between educational outputs and labor market requirements, by training students on the various technical and administrative skills. That is to be added to allowing trainees to take a closer look at a real-world work environment where they could demonstrate and further develop their skills.

Noteworthy, the program is scheduled to last for two months, starting on Sunday, Shawal 8. It covers four distinct paths; those are: programming, modeling, designing, and entrepreneurship. On completion of the course, each trainee shall receive an honorarium of SAR 2000.