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Makkah TechnoValley Corner in (Viva Technology Paris 2017) Draws Attention of Investors and Entrepreneurs

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Added on - 2017/06/20  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/06/20

The International Conference and Exhibition of Startups "Viva Technology" has come to a close. The conference, held in Paris on June 15-17, 2017, was dedicated to growth of startup companies, digitization and innovation. Umm al-Qura University (UQU) participated in the conference and exhibition, represented by Makkah TechnoValley Co.

Makkah TechnoValley participation drew the visitors' attention; they hailed to its corner to learn about the startup technologies provided by the Company.

The participation of TechnoValley startups covered a wide array of IT areas. Averos Co., for example, participated with a number of products related to smart villages and the Internet of things. One of those products was "CoreBlue", the low-power sensor.

Another TechnoValley startup participating in the exhibition was SoftCare Co. The healthcare company was founded by Dr. Abdullah Murad. It offers innovative healthcare solutions covering a diversity of medical domains, such as physiotherapy clinics, QC of sterilization at hospitals, autism centers, ER, etc. BioKubes, a TechnoValley startup specialized in medical labs, and founded by Dr. Ahmed al-Soufi, participated in the exhibition with a completely automated system and platform for examining the microbes extracted from the specimens of food, dust, blood, etc.

Still, Traffixity Co, representing the TechnoValley startups specialized in mass transportation and management, had a startling presence at Gitex exhibition. It presented an advanced system to enable smart city transportation by using computer vision technologies. Also, Convex Co, specialized in smart vehicles, presented an integrated system for tracking buses, as well as locating their routes and stops.

The founders of the startup companies participating in the exhibition expressed their happiness with this participation. It granted them the opportunity to meet with IT experts, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, given that the exhibition is paid great attention in the technological field globally. This allowed them to exchange experiences with a constellation of entrepreneurs and founders of international companies.

They thanked Dr. Bakri M. Assas, UQU President and President of Makkah TechnoValley Co., Dr. Hani Ghazi, UQU Vice President for Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Creativity and Vice President of Makkah TechnoValley Col, and Dr. Faisal Allaf, Executive Director of Makkah TechnoValley Co, for their unstinting support for the founders of the TechnoValley startups, and enabling them to participate in such international fora that allow them to exchange experiences with the IT pioneers globally, as well as presenting the national products that are no less good than those of the international competitors.