Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Congratulations to Promoted Faculty Members

The UQU Vice Deanship for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, as represented by the Scientific Board Secretariat, is pleased to announce that the UQU President has approved of academically promoting the faculty members whose names were listed in the minutes of the Board's last session. The Vice Deanship wished them good luck, and more and more academic success. May Allah preserve them, and may all their dreams and hopes come true!

* The faculty members whose names are listed below are expected to show up at the Scientific Board Secretariat to receive their promotion certificates.


Following are names of Promoted Faculty Members, and their relevant promotion decisions:

1. Upgrading Dr. Usama A. Marghalani (associate professor at the Department of Ophthalmology, Nose and Ear - College of Medicine), to "professor";

2. Upgrading Dr. Tarik A. Dhafar (assistant professor at the Department of Health Sciences - Community College) to "associate professor";

3. Upgrading Dr. Anas M. Basalama (assistant professor at the Department of Computer Science - College of Computer Science and Information Systems) to "associate professor"; and

4. Upgrading Dr. Hoda A. Maimani (assistant professor at the Department of Islamic and Comparative Education - College of Education) to associate professor.

The Scientific Council Secretariat has put forth relevant recommendations for the topics on the agenda of the above-mentioned session.