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Research and Consultative Studies Institute Participates in (Intersec) Conference

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- 2017/05/08

The UQU Institute of Research and Consultative Studies has participated in Intersec Conference and Exhibition. It is one of the pioneer regional commercial exhibitions held in KSA in the fields of security, safety and fire prevention. It is the first conference of its kind to be held in the Kingdom. A large constellation of experts, scientists and specialists in this domain participated in the conference.

The conference provides a promising platform for exchange of experiences and opening up new channels for cooperation between the public and private sectors, from inside and outside KSA, interested in this area. Over the two-day conference, held in Jedda on Wednesday and Thursday, Shaaban 6 and 7, 1438H, corresponding to May 3 and 4, 2017, several workshop were organized on such topics as: mass agglomeration management, health sector safety, ICT security, protection of institutions' infrastructure, industrial sector safety, laws and regulations relating to safety, security, crisis management and risk management, and continuation of work under crises and disasters.

On the sidelines of three-day exhibition, constructive meetings were held between the Institute's delegation participating in the conference, led by Dr. Ali M. al-Shaeri, dean of the Institute, and several Saudi and foreign participant in the conference, and exchanged views on accreditations, training and qualification in the fields of security, safety, and risk and disaster management.

This sector has received much attention over the past years in KSA. That attention has culminated in the Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020.

The Institute, as part of the its contribution to activating the Saudi Vision 2030, it has prepared an initiative to establish a training and stimulation center for risk and disaster management. This initiative was the winning one, and was granted the highest allocation of UQU's initiatives for this year.

The Dean, Dr. al-Shaeri, pointed out that the Institute keeps its door open for providing the most valuable of services to our beloved nation, by contributing to building the Meccan community in particular, and the whole Saudi society in general. Concluding his speech, he extended thanks and gratitude Dr. Bakri M. Assas, UQU President, for the keen interest he shows in continuously supporting the Institute.