Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Jamoum University College Announces Date of Interview for (Instructor) Post

The UQU College in Jamoum is pleased to announce names of the candidates for the interview of the "instructor" post (major: mathematics, accounting). The interview is scheduled on Wednesday, Shaaban 14, 1438H, 11.00AM, at Jamoum University College premises, Meeting Room 2, Bld. D.



* Make sure to show up half an hour before the exam.

* No one shall be allowed in the interview without showing the National ID origin.


Candidates' Names:

S/N           Name                                               Major

1. Shorouq A. al-Nefei'i                        Mathematics

2. Khaznah M. al-Khaledi                               Mathematics

3. Rahma A. al-Shamrani                              Mathematics

4. Maram A. al-Mazmouri                                Mathematics

5. Ghalia A. al-Salmi                             Mathematics

6. Ashwaq A. al-Ghamdi                             Accounting