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Event Entitled ‘Keep Your Body Straight’

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- 2019/04/04

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A report on the event that was presented at Al-Bushra Secondary School in Mecca entitled "Keep Your Body Straight" by the female students of the College of Applied Sciences (Major: Department of Physiotherapy)

The event was held under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim, on Wednesday, corresponding to 30 January 2019 A.C., from 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. The event aimed to raise awareness among the students about deformities of body structure that have recently increased, and their causes, symptoms, and treatment, as well as practical applications for sound body structure. Our methodology was to ensure delivery of information to the female students by using methods other than the traditional illustration, simplifying the information, preparation of questions, distribution of token prizes to attract the attention of the female students, in addition to using models to facilitate the explanation. The deformities of body structure discussed were as follows: kyphosis, scoliosis, and text neck syndrome. Publications containing several brief points outlining treatment options were distributed to the students, including observance of correct postural habits, such as straight gait, straight sitting, and straight back bends, sleeping without a pillow for the duration of the treatment, and making sure to choose a medical mattress so that the treatment will be more effective. Keeping the back straight without any bends or twisting this will be difficult at first, but with time will become easier. Straight gait until you become used to it. As an experiment to learn the proper way to walk, keep back straight, then put a book on the head and walk. You will know the extent of the balance with which you walk by maintaining the book in a stable position on the head. Exercise, as this is helpful for many physical and psychological problems. For images: Rawan Fahd Al-Ja`fari- Group 3- Serial No. 6. Rose Said Al-Batati, Reem Amin Ali, Ghaida'a Adel Salim, Wejdan Othman Abd Al-Muttalib, Dania Muhammad Yamani, Rahaf Hani Al-Matruk, Rahaf Hamad Al-Subhi, Elham Ahmed Hadimour, and Ghaidaa Sultan Al-Qurashi.

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