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International Women's Day Student Research Exhibition

Event Desc

Join us for an undergraduate poster session that showcases the work of students of the Department of English in a number of Literature courses. Come see more than 40 posters related to the subject of “Women & Literature”.

Topics range from those celebrating the richness and diversity of women’s writing, through those that explore depictions of  “women in literature” written by men, to those that pay tribute to historical female figures who affected the course of English literary history. 

Target audience: the event is open to all student, faculty and staff members of UQU at the female section. We particularly encourage all female members of the Department of English (who are free any time during the event) to show up and have a conversation with us on any of the various topics of the event.  

Language: students are required to present their work in English. However, our students will be happy to have a conversation about their work in Arabic with attendees who are not members of the Department of English (and who do not speak English).  

Duration: 5 hours 

Date: Sunday March 8, 2020

Time: from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Place: Al-Jaffali Hall (2), Building B, 2nd Floor, Al-Zahir Female Campus

Courses participating in this event: 

  • Poetry
  • Elizabethan Drama
  • Modern Drama
  • 20th-Century Novel
  • British Literature
  • Islamic Texts


Guidelines and Regulations for Student Participation in International Women's Day Research Exhibition


Design, Layout and Setup Specifications

  1. Students from all groups must adhere to the following poster size: 100 cm (width) x 200 cm (height). 
  2. The poster must be oriented in the “portrait” position (long dimension is vertical).
  3. Many applications can be used to create your poster, the most popular being PowerPoint. If you are uncertain about setting up the best dimensions for a good resolution, we recommend using this template.
  4. The posters will be mounted on the wall, using only double-sided removable adhesive tape. The tape should be supplied by the students, and no other display props are needed. 
  5. For ease of portability, and to reduce costs, posters should be printed on rollable paper. If you prefer a fabric poster (also known as a banner poster) or have already agreed with your instructor to create one, please notify us at [email protected]  
  6. All posters must include the following: 
    1. the title of your work positioned at top-center of the poster.
    2. a section or banner displaying your basic information: students’ names, instructor’s name, and course title.
    3. the department’s logo and IWD logo.
    4. a “Works Cited” or “References” section, where you acknowledge all sources used to develop your research. Please refer to your instructor for guidelines on the type of style sheet you are required to use in your project (whether it is MLA or MHRA). 


Printing instructions

  1. When you are done designing your poster on the PowerPoint template provided above, convert it to a PDF file. This can be done by choosing File on the main menu → Export → File Format (choose PDF)
  2. Contact any printer and request that the poster be printed in the specified size 100 cm (width) x 200 cm (height)
  3. To find a suitable printer simply type in the words (إعلانات مكة) in the search area of your Google Maps application and you will be able to find several printers near you. Printing prices range from 50 to 200 riyals. 


On the day of the Exhibition

  1. The event will be held from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, allowing sufficient time for students from all groups to present their work. For this reason, no student is allowed to miss any scheduled lecture for the purpose of attending or presenting. If a participant has a full schedule on Sunday (from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm), she must contact her instructor in advance to arrange to present her work on the day of the event during any of the 20-minute intervals between lectures.
  2. Except for water, food and drink are not allowed to be consumed in the Research Exhibition area. 
  3. Kindly remember that the purpose of the event is to provide you with the opportunity to practice your research and presentation skills in one of the most common formats of research presentations, the research poster session. In most academic institutions/organizations, the established format of such sessions is strictly academic. Therefore, no personalized gifts, favors, chocolate or flowers are allowed to be distributed by students before, during or after the event.
  4. It is the students’ responsibility to remove and collect their posters by 2:15 pm. After this point, any poster left uncollected may be destroyed. 

If you were unable to attend LSU’s “How to Create a Research Poster” workshop, you may find the following Tips and Recommendations useful in creating a poster that displays well when printed.

Agendas and Dates

Date Date
International Women's Day Student Research Exhibition 2020/03/08 - 2017/12/08
Event Agenda Agenda Time
Exhibition Time 09:00 - 14:00

Event Dates