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A Course Entitled: ‘Art of Diction’ to Be Delivered by Dr. Jamal bin Turki Abu Al-Niaaj at the Female Section

- 2019/11/26

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A course on “The Art of Elocution” delivered by Dr. Jamal bin Turki Abu Al-Na`aj in the Female Section

On 27 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1441 A.H., the Department of Arabic Language held a course entitled, "The Art of Elocution", which was delivered by Dr. Jamal bin Turki Abu Na`aj.

The course covered the following topics:

- Definition of the concept of the art of diction, as well as its techniques, importance, and fields of application.

- Definition of the characteristics of the human voice, and the factors that affect it.

- Expressive energies as well as melodic and vocal twists and turns in poetic and prose texts.

- Mastering the art of diction in accordance with the technique appropriate for each situation.

The course was attended by 37 trainees.

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