Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Online Summer Center

- 2020/10/18


The Online Summer Center is an initiative to establish an online summer training center for the Umm Al-Qura University male and female students. The proposed center will provide various training programs and qualification workshops, in addition to distinguished webinars that support the students' basic skills in various fields which are essential for character formation. It aims to unlock the students' talents in an attractive and modern way, in line with the students' aspirations and desires while meeting the students' needs of extracurricular skills that enhance and support the educational process.


  • Raising and developing the skill level of the UQU students, and making optimum use of the students' capabilities and talents.
  • Opening up new fields and streams for the students' development, according to their needs. - Building a flexible calendar that helps students focus on their actual needs. - Honing the students' talents and building their active personality.
  • Keeping up with the developments of the educational and professional fields, highlighting them and presenting them to students in an easy and simple way. - Increasing the students awareness, and guiding their interest in new and interesting topics.
  • Making the most of the students' time and creating a supportive learning environment that supports the students' talents and self-development and enhances their skills.


From 29 Shawwal, 1441 A.H., corresponding to 21 June 2020 A.C., to 2 Dhul-Hijjah, 1441 A.H., corresponding to 23 July, 2020 A.C.


  • The Deanship of Student Affairs
  • The College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion
  • The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education in the College of Designs
  • English Language Center
  • Media Center
  • College of Computing
  • Media Department
  • Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship: the Mawhibah Club
  • College of Shariah and Islamic Studies
  • College of Physical Education

Center's Development Streams

** Certified electronic certificates will be awarded for each course.

** For details of the streams and participation in the courses, click on the appropriate stream above.

Steps to Obtain a Certificate:

1 - Enter the assessment website (below).

2 - Select the 'course week'.

3 - Scan the barcode of the course you attended and go to the assessment form.

4 - File out and send the assessment form.

5 - After sending the assessment form, a link to the certificate export platform will appear.

6 - Click on the link and move to the certificate platform page.

7 - Enter your email to obtain the certificate.

A- Please try the university email first (if the certificate does not appear, go to paragraph B).

B- Try the personal email used during the registration period (if the certificate does not appear, go to paragraph C).

C- Try the email used while attending the course (if the certificate does not appear, send an email including: name/university number/course name/week number to the following email: [email protected])

  • Assessment Link for Courses in the First Week: Click here

  • Assessment Link for Courses in the Second Week: Click here

  • Assessment Link for Courses in the Third Week: Click here

  • Assessment Link for Courses in the Fourth Week: Click here

  • Assessment Link for Courses in the Fifth Week: Click here


It is preferable to enter the certificate platform from a computer to obtain a high resolution certificate

With best wishes of success to everyone. UQU Summer Center Administration