Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quran Course  1

- 2018/04/05

Course of the Holy Quran (605101)

Title: The Holy Quran

Number: 101

Hours: Two Units/ Week

Curriculum Topics:

  1. Recitation:

Recitation of the last quarter of the Quran (from Surat Yaseen till the end of the Holy Quran), and abidance by the Tajweed Rules taught to students in this semester.

  1. Difficult Vocabulary of the Quran:

Explanation of the difficult vocabulary in the aforementioned part of the Quran.

Reference: Ghareeb Al-Quran (Difficulty in the Quran) by Ar-Ragheb Al-Asfahany, or Kalemat Al-Quran (Vocabulary of the Quran) by Sheikh/ Hasanein Muhammad Makhlouf.

  1. Tajweed Rules:
  • Consonant “Noun” and Tanween rules: iẓhār  (clarity), idghām  (merging), iqlāb  (conversion) and ikhfāʼ (concealment).
  • Consonant “Meem” rules: ikhfāʼ (concealment), idgham (merging) and iẓhār  (clarity).
  • Accentuated (Mushaddadah) “Meem” and “Noun” rule. Dark and light “Laam” (L) in “Allah.” Solar and Lunar (Shamsiyah and Qamariyah) “Laam.”
  • Prolongation: Natural, connected prolongation and rule, separated prolongation and rule, prolongation in case of consonance, and obligatory prolongation and divisions. 


Al-Burhan Fi Tajweed Al-Quran (Proof in the Intonation of the Holy Quran) by Sheikh/ Muhammad As-Sadeq Qamhawy.

Other References:

  • Al-Ameed (The Dean) by Sheikh/ Mahmoud Ali Bissah.
  • Hidayat Al-Qary Ila Tajweed Kalam Al-Bary (Reader’s Guide to the Intonation of God’s Speech) by Sheikh/ Abdulfattah Al-Marsify.
  • Nihayat Al-Qawl Al-Mufeed Fi Elm Al-Tajweed (The Best in Tajweed) by Sheikh/ Muhammad Makki Nasr.


  1. Memorization:

Students shall memorize the whole 30th Juzu’ (Chapter) and apply the aforementioned Tajweed Rules practically.