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Opinion of the Employers Concerning the University Graduates - 27

 Deanship of University Development and Quality    From : - 2018/05/13 م , To : - 2030/01/07 م

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    Message from the Employers

     Umm Al-Qura University (UQU) extends to you the best regards, and is pleased to present to you this questionnaire in order to measure your satisfaction with the university graduates, and learn about the extent of the consistency of the graduates’ knowledge, skills and experience with your needs. Your opinion will significantly contribute to the development of graduates to meet the requirements of the labor market. With sincere thanks and appreciation!

    Basic Information


     Entity Name

     Department Name

     Activity type

     Number of Employees

     Your employee graduated from a program entitled:


     Academic Year


     Efficiency in the field of specialization

     Identifying and solving problems

     Data collection and analysis

     Ability to apply what he learned

     Skills of using information technology


     Effective oral communication


     Independent thinking

     Ability to be motivated

     Level of taking responsibility

     Embracing ethical values

     Ability to adapt to new environments and technologies

     Commitment to work ethics


     Administrative efficiency

     Effective time management

     Work performance accuracy

     English language proficiency level

     Please mention the job/specialized skills your institution requires in the graduates.

     Main strengths of the graduates

     Aspects that need to be improved by the graduate

     Please provide us with your valuable suggestions to develop the educational programs at the university in order to enable the graduates to meet your expectations.

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